Our life style changes along with our body shapes and what we like evolves as we age. We don’t need to be stuck in a style rut; investing in ourselves is the best investment there is.


We used to think that personal training was for the rich and famous, but along with appreciating that we need to look after our bodies, we also need to look and feel confident. Our clothes are the armour against the world; how we want to show up and be seen.

To feel good from the outside in.

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Why work with a personal stylist

Someone to help and guide you giving you confidence and making dressed fun!

A personal stylist is someone who helps and guides you with your unique style, giving you confidence through clothes and tailor to your individual needs.

No, I won’t. But what I will do is show you your WOW colours that light up your complexion and make your eyes pop. I can also guide you on how to wear the colours you love.

I won’t need to because once we begin this journey, you will soon see what fits and flatters you and what no longer serves you. I can then advise you if they can be altered or the best places to sell preloved/charity.

I respect that I am entering your personal space, I never judge, and my sole purpose is to make you feel comfortable and guide you through the process at your pace. I don’t take this trust lightly, my aim is for this to be fun, and knowledgeable and to give you the skills and insights to create your perfect wardrobe. Oh, and lots of “ooo I would never have thought to put them together or style them that way!” moments.

Our body shape changes over time, and we don’t all fit one body type.  I aim to show you how to style your unique body shape and tips and tricks along the way.

Helping you find your unique style, how to dress your body shape, knowing your colours and where to shop will help save you money and be a worthwhile investment.

You will have a clear and concise idea of what your style and wardrobe goals are and lots of light bulb moments!

Yes, once we have worked together on your wardrobe, we will have a list of core items needed to curate a more cohesive wardrobe.

I have converted many clients to make them fall back in love with shopping, or at least make it an easier, nicer experience.

Yes, of course. As a stylist, I am always in and out of the shops and see the new collections in the store, so I can show you items that will work in your existing wardrobe.

Yes, these can be done online. We will have a call before, and I will give you clear instructions on how the session will work over Zoom.

It most definitely doesn’t have to be all beige, black, and navy! The concept behind a capsule wardrobe is a concise collection of clothes that all go together to create lots of outfits to fit your style and lifestyle.

Yes, of course. Once you have received all your items, we can talk through how to style them. You will also have access to my wardrobe management platform where they can be uploaded and looks created.”

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Access to this is free of charge to my existing wardrobe edit and personal shopping clients.
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What is this?
It’s a wardrobe management tool, so you can see your wardrobe all in one place; in our wardrobe edit or personal shopping, garments will be added to this. It’s an interactive platform that we can keep adding to.

How it works
Clients will be sent this as a link to download where they can access their personalised wardrobe.


During a wardrobe edit or session, we will add photos of your clothes, which we have styled and discussed. You are also able to add further clothes to these; it allows us to divide the wardrobe into sections, so you have a clear picture of all the items of your wardrobe.


Once we have worked through your wardrobe, I will select pieces and add them to this section, where you can review and purchase directly. Any pieces you keep can then be added to the wardrobe section.


Anything I have styled with you and taken a photo of, I will add here and create the looks for your easy access to remember. This is where with any new purchases, I can show you how to style them with the existing pieces of your wardrobe, or with all the new pieces.

I also include this in your personal shop:

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This service is for existing clients and when you book one of my packages (excludes colour and style clients, however, this can be accessed when buying a shopping board as an additional service).

One advantage of working with Charlotte is that you will have free access to her premium virtual wardrobe tool. Additionally, by collaborating with Charlotte, you gain the option to purchase future shopping boards. These boards feature items curated specifically for you and can be conveniently bought directly from the board. Whether you seek inspiration for a special occasion, desire a seasonal refresh, wish to update your current wardrobe, or need outfit ideas for an upcoming holiday, Charlotte is ready to assist you. Please contact Charlotte directly or book an appointment below

Online Shopping Board FAQs

An online shopping board is a personalised platform tailored exclusively for you.

To begin, you’ll receive a style questionnaire, enabling me to understand your garment preferences that align with your lifestyle, budget, and styling requirements. Following an informal discussion, I’ll collate and deliver your bespoke shopping boards, complete with clickable images that seamlessly direct you to each store, accompanied by personalised styling insights.

The cost is determined by both your chosen timeframe and budget for garments. You have the flexibility to schedule sessions of one, two, or three hours. (Please note, that shopping for bikinis in November may require more time compared to shopping in June.) The hourly rate is £100.